When negotiating a mortgage arrangement for you involving family occupation any many loans will fall under UK financial conduct regulations. Currently this is via the Financial Conduct Authority although Chancellor Osborne is proposing to change the basis of regulation in the near future. The FCA provisions are designed to give you the consumer protection in the event of being sold an incorrect product by us. Regrettably the downside is that the paperwork is doubled for both of us!

Of the 200+ mortgage lenders in the UK only two dozen or so will offer terms to expatriates. Most of those deals are on unattractive terms. Our A-Z of Expatriate Mortgages gives a good overview of the market place, and our regularly updated website details the comparable lending terms of the limited number of providers for this type of mortgage.

Treating The Customer Fairly (TCF), current industry watchwords, is paramount in our dealings with you and we have always sought to offer our clients the best possible products. We have always sought to offer our clients the best possible product/s. Fortunately, due to the longevity of International Mortgage Plans and the quality of our business, we are often able to negotiate special terms with lenders and that is the case with the arrangements we are currently making for you. These terms are exclusive to IMP and unavailable direct or through any other market place intermediary. We believe that they offer the best possible market terms. Features are:

  • Competitive interest rate

  • Modest arrangement costs

  • Absence of onerous early redemption penalties

  • Availability of interest only product - particularly important to expatriates

  • Calculation of interest on a daily basis

  • Mortgage terms allowed up to age 75

  • No conditional insurances.

You will be provided with a Key Facts illustration as required by the FCA. It should be read carefully and please let us know if there is anything that requires clarification.

If your mortgage is a regulated loan of if you are not sure of its status, you should consult the FCA website


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