Expat Buy To Let Mortgages

With lenders terms and criteria changing frequently please complete our online mortgage enquiry form. This will enable us to let you know which of the which of the current terms we can obtain for you.
UK Bank base rate 0.5%, 3 month LIBOR 0.75963%. Details of the current terms that we can arrange for buy to let mortgages.

May 2022

Special schemes available to expat buyers and UK residents for UK buy to let property and in some cases, foreign nationals, for the purchase, or refinancing, of property, for family use, or commercial letting under the shorthold tenancy act.
  • Loan to value usually 70%/75% maximum.
  • New purchases and re-mortgages generally available including capital raising for additional property investment
  • Letting under Shorthold Tenancy Act required - 6 or 12 months. Generally no DSS or multiple tenancies. Ex local authority properties and student lets limited range of lenders.
  • Most lenders have imposed restrictions on newly built property
Lender Interest Rate % Max %
Lenders Arrangement
Fee /%
Loan to Foreign National Special Features
Building Society 3.35%
2yr Discount
80% 999   See details here
Small Regional Building Society 3.29%
3 Year

70% LTV
Minimum Property Value 80,000



Employed applicants and UK passport holders only


2yr tracker


Fixes from

up to 65%
up to 75%


1% YES

Minimum loan 100,000. New build flats Maximum 65% loan to value Repayment or interest only.

  1. Interest only and repayment loans available.

  2. Ex Council flats and properties over commercial units restricted mainly to central London. More lenders now  offering HMO and Holiday Let mortgages. Restrictions on new build flats have eased. The majority of lenders use a rental income stress test to assess mortgage advances. Contact IMP for details

  3. Loans usually portable without incurring early repayment penalties.

  4. All fees quoted are payable to the lender and are usually added to the loan.

  5. International Mortgage Plans (IMP) charge an arrangement fee of 595 payable on receipt of an acceptable mortgage offer.

  6. The offshore bank will accept Hong Kong British National Overseas Passport Holders B.N.O.

Holiday Let and Airbnb product availability is improving with expat providers. Contact IMP for details

Availability of funding for expat portfolio landlords and H.M.O. properties has increased too.

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