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International Mortgage Plans think the following sites will prove useful in your property search


This will let you know the sale price property has achieved in the area that you are looking to buy in. They will even give you the sale prices achieved in the road that you are interested in. These prices are the actual figure paid as registered by the UK land registry.


With a UK postcode the site will tell you about any environmental/pollution/flooding and subsidence risks to the property.


This is a UK estate agents site that all the main agents use to promote information about property that is currently on the market. It also gives you useful information about schools, shops and council tax in the local area

The Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority no nonsense guide to mortgages site.

Equifax and Experian

These are two of the main UK credit reference agencies and will give you details of your UK credit record. If you have been an expat for sometime they are unlikely to contain any information for you.

Very comprehensive new property price comparison site.

The Fry Group
Landlord Tax Service






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